Da Rules

We don't like rules much, but you gotta have a few...

NO DOGS ALLOWED IN THE PARK.  I know it sounds weird.  Aren't we doing Chihuahua Races?  Yeah we are, but we worked out a deal so that we can do the dog races as an exception. 

Do's and Don'ts:

You CAN bring...

· Friends / Family (kids 12/under & Seniors are free!)

· Camera

· One sealed plastic bottle of water

· Friendliness

You can NOT bring...

· Glass Bottles

· Cans

· Weapons

· Ice chests

· Outside Food

·  Marijuana  (Unfortunately it still isn't legal at events.  We know, but what can we say?)

· Chairs (we have plenty of seating)

· Anything else that will be unsafe

Make getting in easy and our event safe so we can have it every year.